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      Welcome To EVERRED Molded Polymer Technology .
      +86-0769-86985658 sales@everred-rim.com

      We focus on
      mold manufacturing design

      EVERRED & SOWAY Tooling. Together provide total PU solution from mould making \ PU Mould R&D PU\ Product & Design \Mould Manufacture \ Mould Carrier\ to various PU production,Business Scope:PU RIM Production 、 Moulded Flexible Form 、Moulded Rigid Foam 、 PU RIM Special PU products.

      What We Do

      We enjoy a good reputation for its excellent quality and stable precision.


      Everred manufactures RIM products for a wide range of applications including medical equipment, precision testing equipment, aerospace components, automotive components, and industrial printer enclosures.


      Real-Time Precision Spare Parts Information, All In HuaCheng Precision Die